Dec 28, 2017

Another year comes to an end and Mustang would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for all the good things in 2017.

Many things have happened this year and we will start chronologically - returning to Sarajevo with fantastic Hard Time, a brilliant concert with the same band at OKC Abrašević as well; then a great gig at Art in Hadžići (the best audience by far, we really felt special); great gig at Duradžik; the first gig in front of the Čitluk audience ever, at Evergreen, also a great gig; the arrival of a new band member - Josip 'Perke' Perić; collaboration with the fantastic Marija Bukovac, who temporarily took over the role of the singer; then a great concert called Hard and Heavy Rock Night with Dražen Vega and Ultimatum (great guys); then performances at the fantastic festivals Rock Am Lake in Srebrenik (first appearance ever in Srebrenik) and Ilidža Rock Fest (we were invited, among others, to enlarge the first Ilidža Fest ever, which will hopefully become a tradition, which was a great honor and pleasure). We concluded the live shows with a gig at awesome Mostar hard and heavy place, the one and the only - Duradžik.

Big, tremendous honor was shown to us by the incomparable Blaze Bayley, a former member of Iron Maiden, by choosing us for the opening act on both of his concerts in BiH, in Sarajevo and Mostar. Concerts were unfortunately delayed, but we hope to be held in 2018.

We also gave some interviews between the concerts (among others, the first ever for some media from Sweden).

This year we recorded the first video clip - live performance of the song "Hey", produced by the Jam with Friends team. Expect more video clips in 2018.

Album On with the Fight had another promotion, in Montenegro, in Podgorica. The evidence that it has been noted and greatly appreciated, is the fact that the lyrics of all of our songs have been published on almost all major lyrics websites.

Recently we've reached more than 10,000 likes on Facebook, which we are very proud of, because that means our fan base is growing day by day. We are particularly happy for the fact that a lot of the likes come from the foreign countries.

Changes in the band's lineup have slowed down some of the processes (eg concerts, recording of clips, etc.), which is understandable, and we would like to thank the former members of the band Ana Šarić, Tin Franičević and Stanko Šušak for their contribution once again.

Although it seems at first glance that the band wasn't much active, we worked like never before; another album is being prepared, and it will, by what we have heard so far, sound FANTASTIC. In addition to the album, there will also be the releases of live performances (Rock Night 2016, OKC Abrašević and Ilidža Rock Fest 2017, which were recorded professionally), and the launch of an official online store. The new logo also comes in 2018. Negotiations with various business partners are under way... More details about everything after New Year's Eve...

Thanks to the entire Mustang team (which besides the musician also includes managers, cameramen, sound engineers, photographers, web masters, social network managers, drivers, etc.), representatives of our label One Records; promoters; TV stations; radio stations; our families who have tolerated us and our frequent absenteeism; festival and concert organizers and all the fans who support us unconditionally around the world. Just keep on supporting us and we promise that we'll keep on working as hard as we have done so far, and we'll all have a great time enjoying great music for a long time, and hopefully we will keep on having great fun at the concerts... And the best for the end - we have one major surprise in 2018! Keep on rockin' people, happy New Year to you all, and let it be even better than the last one!

Mustang family